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Christmas with the Celts

DATE: Sunday, December 15, 2019
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: George Washington High School Auditorium
TICKET PRICE: Adult: $25, Student: $10

Major Sponsor - URW Community Federal Credit Union

Sponsors - Danville Academy of Dance, Meredith Gravely School of Dance

Grant Funding - Wayne and Nancy Oakes Fund of the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region

Christmas with the Celts is an uplifting, spirited holiday celebration featuring the international Irish music group, The Celts. Founder, Ric Blair was a jazz major at the University of Cincinnati's prestigious College Conservatory of Music when a friend convinced him to leave his homework behind for the night to check out an Irish gig at a local venue. Blair walked in, heard the Irish songs, saw people dancing on their chairs and knew that this up-tempo, foot-stomping vibe was the life for him. “As soon as I heard the pipes and Irish whistle, something in my blood hit me and said ‘this is what I want to do’." Today, Blair is a leading purveyor and historian of Celtic music, sharing his love of Celtic music throughout the world with two traveling troupes in North America and a soon-to-be third troupe in Europe. Says Blair, of his unique blend: “I'm proud of my Irish/Scottish roots, but I am equally proud of my American music roots. So, our music has become a product of merging the two cultures.”

Danville's performance on Sunday, Dec 15th, will feature popular Dublin native Enda Reilly on vocals, America's-Got-Talent singer/dancer Jair Willis (eldest member of the TLC network's Willis Clan), six-time #1 World Irish Dance Champion Melanie Valdes, five-time All-Ireland piper Torrin Ryan, award-winning singer/fiddler Maggie Lander, and Nashville drummer Sammi Potts (who also performs with Carrie Underwood).

Christmas with the Celts has been seen on 222 PBS channels throughout the US, and in concert halls in the US, Canada and Ireland.